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Wouldn't it be great if all your food could taste as fresh as possible with a minimum of effort? Follow Saran
™ Simple Solutions™ for creating meals from scratch to preparing leftovers while keeping your kitchen time low.

Simple Solutions™ Tip 1:
Try this new twist on traditional strawberries. Add a splash of balsamic vinegar, a pinch of black pepper and a pinch of sugar. Keep it fresh with Saran
™ Wrap
and bring to your next picnic!

Simple Solutions™ Tip 2:
Slices of homemade bread make great gifts! Wrap individual slices up with Saran
™ Wrap
, tie top with a ribbon and share with family and friends.

Simple Solutions™ Tip 3:
Help keep home-made bread as fresh as the day you baked it with Saran
™ Wrap!
Cover entire loaf pan and store at room temperature.

Simple Solutions™ Tip 4:
Bruschetta is an easy appetizer to bring to your next party. For easy transport, prepare the topping in advance and cover bowl with Saran
™ Wrap
, keeping it refrigerated until party time. To avoid sogginess, spoon topping onto bread at the party and serve.

Simple Solutions™ Tip 5:
Making pizza is a fun and easy way to bring the family together. Chop all of the ingredients in advance, wrap with Saran
™ Wrap
and set aside. Then call the whole family down and let them create their own masterpieces.

Simple Solutions™ Tip 6:
Berry selection is very important when making a fresh summer dessert. At the store, make sure that the tops of the berries look healthy - leafy and green. Also check the bottom of the container for any mold. At home, store cut berries in the refrigerator, covered with Saran
™ Wrap

Simple Solutions™ Tip 7:
Try using fresh vegetables like chopped red peppers, tomatoes and onions in your next pasta salad. After chopping vegetables, keep them fresh by covering with Saran
™ Wrap

Simple Solutions™ Tip 8:
To save time, prepare salads in advance. Chop all of the ingredients, put in bowl and cover with Saran
™ Wrap
. Store in the refrigerator until the meal is ready.

Simple Solutions™ Tip 9:
Mix a large package of ground beef with 1 egg and 1/2 cup breadcrumbs per pound. Add salt, pepper and Italian seasonings to taste and shape into individual patties. Freeze between layers of Saran
™ Wrap
for easy burgers any time of year!

Simple Solutions™ Tip 10:
When baking or making any family favorite, make an extra batch. Wrap in Saran
™ Wrap and pop in the freezer. Place cookies, rolls or other single-serve items in layers with a sheet of Saran
™ Wrap
in between to keep items from sticking.

Simple Solutions™ Tip 11:
Instead of place cards, place nuts, candies or themed items inside a square of Saran
™ Wrap
, and tie closed with a ribbon. Write names of guests on small cards, punch a hole in the card and attach to the Saran
™ Wrap
bundle of goodies.

Simple Solutions™ Tip 12:
Salads and sides are often left over after a dinner party. Let the party continue by sending guests home with their favorite side dish. Cover unused portion with Saran
™ Wrap
and out the door they go! Just be sure they return your dishes!

Simple Solutions™ Tip 13:
Save time and money. Buy chicken breasts in bulk. Select portion sizes appropriate for your family, cover in bottled marinades, and wrap in Saran
™ Wrap
for fast, healthy and inexpensive weeknight meals.

Questions? Comments?
If you have a question or a comment about Saran
™, please contact our Consumer Resources Center at 1-800-494-4855 or contact us online.
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