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We really appreciate it when you write to us about Saran
™ Brand, and we love hearing your stories about how our products have made a difference in your life.
"Lucky for me."
While loading my car for the day with plans to go to a housewarming party later on, I placed a plate full of homemade cookies on top of my car. Only 10 seconds after reminding myself "don't forget the cookies!" I proceeded to get in my car and drive away. A few minutes later, after making a couple turns and accelerating to about 35 mph, I heard a "thud" and suddenly remembered my cookies on the car roof! My immediate panic quickly disappeared, however, as I found the plate of cookies safely resting upside down against the roof rack. The cookies looked exactly as they had when I neatly placed them on the plate! Lucky for me Saran
™ Wrap did the trick and everyone was able to enjoy the treats! Thanks! :-)

Colleen B
Boston, Massachusetts
"My Mother suggested..."
I travel frequently and found that soap left in my soap dishes would dry out and be unusable upon my return. It was a waste of money. I tried putting the soap bars in the refrigerator to save them, but they would crack. My Mother suggested I wrap them in Saran
™ Wrap before leaving on my trips. Indeed, wrapped in Saran
™ Wrap my soap bars are usable when I return.

Alan G
Los Angeles, California
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If you have a question or a comment about Saran
™, please contact our Consumer Relationship Center at 1-800-494-4855 or contact us online.
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