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You can count on Saran™ for freshness that's easy!
Are you looking for a more convenient way to prepare meals, or a surefire way of protecting the taste, texture, and quality of your food? Then Saran™ has your answer. Saran™ provides Simple Solutions® for keeping your food fresh!
Food Wrap
Get freshness that’s easy! Saran™ Premium Wrap is your top choice in wraps. From your freezer to your microwave, everything from just-picked vegetables to last-night’s leftovers have never tasted so fresh!
food wrap
Protect your food, the fresh way! Saran™ Cling Plus® is your choice in a wrap that clings tightly to protect foods!
Simple Solutions™ Tip #3
Help keep home-made bread as fresh as the day you baked it with Saran
™ Wrap
! Cover entire loaf pan and store at room temperature.
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